BAU 2021 Key themes

Here you will find all information about the Key themes.

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Future with origin

The historic post office grounds on Berlin Schöneberg's Hauptstraße were revitalised according to the concepts of the architects GRAFT.

Interview with Thomas Willemeit, Ernst Buchow and Guido Janhsen
Pièce de Résistance

Alexander Brenner is very critical of building products. He is concerned about much that is happening today as part of the industrialization of building. He fears a further loss of quality, durability and sustainability.

Interview with Alexander Brenner & Elias Baumgarten
Conversion with consideration and respect

To preserve the character of a barn in Kressbronn once used for farming and treat the architectural heritage of the location with due consideration and respect, Steimle Architects from Stuttgart made as few, gentle changes to the building as possible, and only after careful thought. Great care was taken to reuse the delicate construction of the far-overhanging roof and barn floor level and adjust them for future use.

Interview with Thomas Steimle & Michael Bohner
Energy-positive houses - This is what CO2 reduction of the future looks like

The Powerhouse concept is to take a new approach to planning, construction, power supply and deconstruction with energy-positive buildings. The focus is on the efficient use and distribution of energy. This means that energy positive houses produce more renewable energy than is consumed by their construction and existence.

Interview with Rune Grasdal and Bjørn Jenssen
Front view of an office building with a row of dark wooden tables under large windows. Solid ceiling lights.
COVID-19 - Consequences for office spaces

During the pandemic, numerous office spaces stood empty for months. Employees are now returning to their accustomed workplace. Nevertheless, the handling of Covid-19 will have a long-term effect on office properties.

To the article of EXPO REAL
Swatch Group’s new HQ at night
Clockwork precision in timber construction

Digital transformation is one of the key themes at BAU 2021. The new headquarters of Swatch, the Swiss watch manufacturer, is a good example of just what this new digital future could look like.

Interview with Taro Okabe, Fabian Scheurer and Felix Holenstein
The skilled trades simply have a lot to offer

Carpenter Alexander Bruns and tiler Janis Gentner each won a Gold medal in the WorldSkills championships held in August 2019 in the Russian city of Kazan. We talked to these two young craftsmen.

Interview with Alexander Bruns and Janis Gentner
“Quite simply too few apartments have been built”

Over half the population of Germany lives in rented accommodation. At the 11th “Wohnungsbautag” (Residential Building Conference) it was noted that housing was now the most important social question for a good proportion of the population. An interview with Reinhard Quast.

Interview with Reinhard Quast
Laura Lammel
Digitalization in building

Digitalization will completely change—some say revolutionize—the businessof planning and building. But what exactly will the changes look like for all those involved? We talked to the Munich building entrepreneur Laura Lammel.

Interview with Laura Lammel
Andreas Hild
Digitalization in building

Digitalization will completely change—some say revolutionize—the businessof planning and building. But what exactly will the changes look like for all those involved? We talked to architect Andreas Hild, based in Munich.

Interview with Andreas Hild
Ulrike Brandi
Daylight, daylight, daylight!

Lighting concepts play an increasingly important role in the overall concept of a building. It is about light control, light management, lighting concepts, daylight versus artificial light. We have spoken to a renowned lighting designer.

Interview with Ulrike Brandi
Alexander Brenner
Interview with Alexander Brenner

Stuttgart, Parlerstrasse. A solid, middle-class housing district. Half way up the hill with amazing views over the valley. The district of Killesberg is well known even beyond Stuttgart. In the middle of all this: the studio of Alexander Brenner.

Interview with Alexander Brenner
Christoph Rapp
You have to be passionate about your work!

To be German Champions, i.e. better than all others, you’ve got to have what it takes, and above all train a lot. What is it that drives you? An interview with Lukas Nafz and Christoph Rapp.

Interview with Lukas Nafz and Christoph Rapp
National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts, Weiwuying

We interviewed Friso van der Steen from Mecanoo and Allard Bokma from CIG Architecture, which handled the building’s steel skin, to learn about the building and their collaboration.

Interview with Friso van der Steen and Allard Bokma
Free-form structure for the new mosque in Cambridge

The interior of the Cambridge Mosque is reminiscent of a garden of paradise—featuring trees whose branches spread out into a supporting and shielding vault.

Interview with Gemma Collins and Jephtha Schaffner
Futurium Berlin
Smart Light—Smart Building

A look along the river Spree from Humboldthafen in Berlin reveals a building between the facades with their chain-like sequence of windows that consistently breaks through the monotony of the place. Architects Richter Musikowski from Berlin have erected a building here.

Interview with Jan Musikowski and Dirk Büttner
The Merck Innovation Center in Darmstadt

HENN architects in Berlin have created the “Merck Innovation Center” to promote interdisciplinary work and the innovative power of the company. For excellent acoustics, HENN architects collaborated with the experts from Mueller-BBM.

Interview with Martin Henn and Thomas Goldammer