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Co-exhibitor application for BAU 2021

Be part of our success concept and present your company, your subjects and projects and make important contacts—as a co-exhibitor at BAU.

Exhibition sectors

Check the assignment of your company to the eligible exhibition sectors of BAU 2021.

Application link—the co-exhibitor URL

After successful completing the main exhibitor-application for BAU 2021, the main exhibitor receives a link for the application of his co-exhibitor, the so-called „co-exhibitor URL“. With this link solely the main exhibitor applies for his co-exhibitor for BAU 2021!

Important note: Solely the main exhibitor applies for his co-exhibitor via the „co-exhibitor URL“!

Information and deadlines for co-exhibitors

For all information on conditions of participation for co-exhibitors, please refer to the Special Terms of Participation (B), point B4.

For all important deadlines for planning your trade fair participation go to our dates and logisticssite.

Participation fees for your stand

What does an exhibition stand at BAU cost? The prices of the various stands are available here. A budget planner will help you calculate your costs.

Prices and participation options
Plan your trade-fair budget quickly and reliably

Besides stand-related fees, there are also additional fixed costs for water, electricity, security, etc. The budget planner will help keep things...

Budget planner
Advice and contacts

The BAU Team would be pleased to advise you. All the names and contact information for our team are available here.

Advice & Contacts