Exhibitor testimonials BAU 2019

January 19, 2019

From 14 to 19 January 2019 BAU took place on the exhibition grounds. The almost 2,250 exhibitors had an excellent opportunity to present their products and services.

Dieter Schäfer, Chairman of the Exhibitor Advisory Board of BAU and Chairman of the Board of Management of Deutsche Steinzeug Cremer & Breuer AG:
“For the exhibitors BAU 2019 was a very successful trade fair. There were two main reasons for this. First the quality of the visitors and the international spread reflected among them has further increased. And second the fact that Messe München set out the additional exhibition space from a visitor perspective and thereby further developed the unique world of themes covered by BAU. For Deutsche Steinzeug, as one of the few architectural ceramics manufacturers worldwide, BAU is a must and we are very satisfied with how it went.”

Martin J. Hörmann, personally liable partner, Hörmann Group:
“We were again very happy with how the trade fair BAU went. Once again we presented lots of product innovations in gates, doors, frames and operators and these attracted a great deal of interest. One of the highlights was our extended booth space where we presented for the first time our new product area on access control systems.”

Gunther Adler, State Secretary in the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community:
“BAU 2019 is the most important showcase of the capabilities of the German and international building industry. Here the German building sector demonstrates its excellent innovations strength.”

Christina Degle, Project Manager Marketing, BayWa AG:
“We are very pleased with the high number of new contacts we made here. We were able to communicate many new service themes to our visitors. We are al-ready looking forward to BAU 2021!”

Adalbert M. Neumann, Chairman of the Board of Management, Busch-Jaeger Elektro GmbH:
“The trade fair was very successful for us. Busch-Jaeger was able to show many architects that our broad-ranging portfolio of solutions offers enormous added benefit. It´s about the perfect integration of a range of components which make for a comfortable and safe environment for the occupants. The future is digital and we are working on that. BAU is a tremendous platform for presenting this to the trade audience.”

Marushka Frandgie, Director Communication, DEVISUBOX:
“BAU has enabled us to reach new customers in Germany, but also further afield. We achieved what we set out to do 100 percent, i.e. presenting our real-time building site management system and BIM integration to new customers.”

Martin, Möllmann, Director Marketing, Dyckerhoff GmbH:
“BAU offers excellent conditions for a very successful trade-fair week. This specialist trade fair is an important meeting place for all those involved in the building market and as such it is a firm date in our diaries. At BAU you can get all the information from the experts within a few days and expand your own network of contacts.”

Camille Denans, International Business Development, ELCIA:
“As a leading supplier of software solutions for windows, doors and solar shading in France, BAU has been a very good way to present our products outside France, and in particular in Germany. We were able to make lots of new contacts and so we are very happy.”

Juan Cassells, Project Director Building Materials, Esmalglass Itaca Group:
“The trade fair was even better than in 2017. The entire sector comes together here: We were able to attract new potential customers and meet up with our existing customers. Our new products were very well received. We will definitely be taking part again in 2021.”

Thorgen Juettner, Sales Director, Festool GmbH:
“At BAU we had the opportunity of presenting our new products to a wide variety of building trades, at the very beginning of the year. We were very satisfied with the high level of visitor interest in our stand, and in two years time we will again be taking part as an exhibitor.”

Peter Taschner, Director Key Account Management, Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co:
“We are more than happy with the outcome of BAU. We are very pleased that so many international customers from the field of architecture came to Munich. Over the six days of the fair we were able to inform our visitors about our latest products and innovations on the theme of the smart home—demand for this was very high.”

Dr. Eberhard Stegner, Managing Director, Graphisoft Deutschland GmbH:
“We will definitely be back again in 2021. BAU is a perfect start to the year. The visitors are even more international this year—the ones we welcomed at our booth came from all over Europe and overseas.”

Eugen Breitschaft, Director Marketing/Communication, Gretsch-Unitas:
“We made excellent, high-quality contacts at BAU 2019. The proportion of inter-national visitors rose once more. For us this trade fair was an all-round success.”

Cathrine Lee, Deputy General Manager Africa/Europe, KIN LONG:
“We are very happy to have been a part of BAU 2019. The trade fair is a big showcase of suppliers of materials and tools for building. The successful Fenestration BAU China ensured that this year we were able to welcome considerably more visitors from Asia, in particular China, to our booth.”

Dr. Dorothee Strunz, Managing Director, LAMILUX Heinrich Strunz Group:
“We are perfectly happy with this year´s BAU. Above all the broad spectrum of innovations strength and the immense variety of products was impressive. We thought the new mix of themes and the layout of the halls was particularly successful this year. BAU sets the tone and it has its finger on the pulse of developments. That´s why we will be back again as an exhibitor in 2021.”

Romain Cottet, Export Sales Manager, MABI:
“BAU 2019 was excellent. We are very proud to have been a part of the World´s Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems this year. As a manufacturer of equipment for preventive and curative treatments, and for sustainable renovation of buildings, we were able to make contact with customers from the US, Australia and Russia.”

Dr. Uwe Gruber, Managing Director, MAPEI:
“We are very happy with this trade fair, because we were able to present our new products here and make many new international contacts. As the leading trade fair for the sector, BAU has a very high status for us.”

Laura Fleig, Director of Communication, Marquises:
“BAU was an excellent opportunity to show our industrial know-how and to inform ourselves about the latest developments in solar shading. BAU also helped raise the public profile of our company and it enabled us to meet with potential and existing customers.”

Hubert Gehring, Sales Director Germany, Metabo:
“For us BAU 2019 was a great success, as here we were able to present our new battery interface CAS (Cordless Alliance System) to a large trade audience. The response we had at our booth was excellent.”

Daniel Csillag, CEO, NEVARIS:
“We are delighted with this year´s BAU. The success of our booth shows us that our market-leading software solutions for the building site through to the office really do meet the needs of the moment and our customers are very enthusiastic about them. Not without reason we chose this leading trade fair as a platform for presenting our completely updated corporate design and our new app for con-struction to a wide trade audience. The positive feedback was amazing and we had a very high number of most promising contacts.”

Didier Chabardes, Export Manager, Prodex Elastomeres:
“BAU is still an excellent opportunity for meeting potential customers and partners from all over the world. Taking part in BAU also a great way to prove your capabilities, and it brings a boost to our export figures.”

Klaus Sigl, Managing Director, SiglLicht GmbH:
“As a lighting manufacturer, we exhibited in the “Building technology and light” section in Hall C2. At our booth we informed our visitors about our high-quality product portfolio of designer lamps and lighting systems. BAU is a great trade fair and very diverse.”

Thomas Lauritzen, Director Corporate Coordination, Schüco International KG:
“Compared to BAU 2017 visitor interest in our products has risen once again and the number of international visitors we talked to, in particular from Asia, has risen considerably. Digitalization was highlighted at this year´s BAU and now this theme is established in the sector.”

Philippe Crez, Deputy Managing Director, Silvadec:
“BAU is one of the most important components in our global marketing strategy, thanks also to its central location in Europe. So right at the start of the year, we were pleased to attract a very good response to our new products.”

Andreas Wilbrand, Managing Director, Sopro Bauchemie GmbH:
“We are very happy with the outcome of this trade fair. BAU, with its concentrated presentation by all the main market players in construction, once again underlined its reputation as the international showcase. We had a larger booth this year, and put on an attractive stage show, to present all our new products in a targeted way to our customers: these products included a new tile adhesive for laying large-format tiles and standards-compliant seals for domestic and public areas.”

Lutz Vöing, Marketing Director DACH, Tarkett Holding GmbH:
“We achieved our goals for BAU 2019 and in many areas we even exceeded them. For Tarkett BAU is our number one trade fair. We will be back again in 2021.”

Dietmar Bernert, Director Strategic Corporate Accounts, Trimble:
“For Trimble BAU is the leading trade fair for hardware and software solutions for the building industry in German-speaking regions. For us it is the sector meeting place for talking to both customers as well as innovative companies and suppliers. We will be back again in 2021.”

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