Co-exhibitor application

Entrance of BAU

Be part of our success concept and present your company, your subjects and projects and make important contacts—as a co-exhibitor at BAU.

  • Exhibition sectors
    Check the assignment of your company to the eligible exhibition sectors of BAU 2021.

  • Application link—the co-exhibitor URL
    After successful completing the main exhibitor-application for BAU 2021, the main exhibitor receives a link for the application of his co-exhibitor, the so-called „co-exhibitor URL“. With this link solely the main exhibitor applies for his co-exhibitor for BAU 2021!

Important note: Solely the main exhibitor applies for his co-exhibitor via the „co-exhibitor URL“!

Information and deadlines for co-exhibitors

For all information on conditions of participation for co-exhibitors, please refer to the Special Terms of Participation (B), point B4.
For all important deadlines for planning your trade fair participation go to dates and logistics.