Scan2Lead—Professional lead management

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Stay in contact thanks to the Scan2Lead visitor scanner solutions, which enable you to check who your counterpart is at the click of a button—and much more.

In addition to professional invitation management for the trade fair, recording visitors' details and qualifying discussions during the trade fair are also key to ensuring that your appearance at BAU is a success. However, collecting business cards and processing them after the trade fair is often very complicated, time-consuming and expensive.

So a great solution is to use our Scan2Lead visitor tracking system which electronically rec-ords any relevant data to help you to manage your trade fair contacts efficiently.

Benefits for you

  • No complicated process of recording data

  • No recording errors

  • Full details of your trade fair visitors at your disposal

  • Manageable costs / Clear costs

Do you have any other questions about Scan2Lead? We would be happy to offer you one-to-one advice.

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