Exhibiting is worthwhile

Visitors and exhibitors exchange ideas and information

The world's leading trade fair BAU sets standards. It is the industry's most important gathering. Everyone involved in planning, building and designing buildings is represented here. BAU is where exhibitors present their products and innovations in an international dimension: for commercial and residential construction and interior work for both new-build and renovation and modernization.

BAU for exhibitors


BAU for exhibitors

The factors of BAU's success

  • BAU allows you to reach your entire target group at a single location
    BAU is the industry's largest attraction for industry professionals. Everyone comes together here, i.e. architects, engineers, tradesmen, retailers and investors. So it gives you access to everyone who takes your products into account during planning, who works with them on location and who markets them in retail outlets—all at a single location. Take advantage of this efficient network for your success.

  • Put your products into play for future construction projects
    The future is tangible and real at BAU. This is where architects and planners get their inspiration for current projects and those that are planned for the next few years. This is where concrete solutions are presented for forward-looking ideas such as dealing with global ecological challenges or the digital future. This is where skilled professionals are convinced by new products and solutions. Which is why your products have to be represented here.

  • Identify trends and get inspiration for your product innovations
    You can feel the pulse of the industry at BAU. The market's diversity, the first-rate program of pioneering related events and discussions with customers will inspire you to create new innovations. BAU lets you experience up close where the industry is headed and where future challenges lie. BAU is the most important information and inspiration platform for the entire industry. It gives you a good feeling for which innovations your company can use to set trends in the future.

BAU is essential to your success. As an exhibitor, you can use this extremely popular gathering for successful business transactions and for a lively exchange with customers and industry experts.