Quality management—striving to be even better

At BAU we are not resting on our laurels: Our aim is to keep getting better and better. So, as part of this drive, the exhibition management conducts a quality management survey after each event. This time 800 exhibitors at BAU 2019 took part in the online survey.

The survey was conducted in February and March 2019. The return quota was 38 percent—a very good figure. Criticism was expressly welcomed, because the whole point of this survey was to discover any weaknesses, so that we can optimize BAU for the next event in 2021. Nevertheless, we did also receive a lot of praise. In terms of criticism, the main issues that cropped up were regulations for setup and dismantling, the running time of the fair and infrastructure themes such as parking on the open-air site.

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Too tight timing, long waits

Many exhibitors were critical of setup and dismantling times. FairLog, a tool used for the first time in 2019 for free booking of time slots for driving onto the site, had improved setup and dismantling processes, reported the exhibition management. Yet it was acknowledged that there is still room for improvement. The system will be made easier and more intuitive for next time. Also the number of available parking spaces for trucks is a challenge for the system. Therefore the management is asking exhibitors to use not just the first day for setup but also the following days, too, in order to spread out the load.

The new, early dates for the show should also help alleviate the situation

BAU 2021 is taking place from January 11 to 16. “Only with these early dates is it possible for us to meet the request of many exhibitors for improved setup and dismantling times, with the aim of reducing logistics bottlenecks,” explains the exhibition management. In terms of the running time of the fair, many exhibitors continue to ask for the Saturday to be taken out. However, the Saturday is an important day as regards visitors to the many small and medium-sized businesses exhibiting at the show, the exhibition management points out.

Also, if the last day of the fair were to be deleted, even more visitors would be concentrated into the other days. And the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were already at their capacity limits. For these reasons BAU will be keeping the Saturday, and it will be made more attractive for the visitors, through a series of new initiatives. Also, exhibitors will be able to invite their customers along on the Saturday at more favorable conditions.

One source of annoyance for many exhibitors were the non-asphalted parking spaces on the open-air site. The parking charges were not proportional to the quality of the spaces, was the criticism. The problem is that it is not possible or sensible to asphalt the surfaces there, with regard to other events held by Messe München that need the site. However, the exhibition management of BAU will seek to adjust the parking fees for the open-air site.

We would like to say thank you to all those exhibitors who took part in the survey. We contacted them in June to respond to their individual questions and their comments and criticisms.

Published on September 19, 2019