Key themes for the future of building

They set the pace and bring order to the variety of products: the five main themes of BAU 2023, and many exhibitors align their presentations accordingly and offer appropriate solutions. In the top-class conference programme, the key themes will be discussed and debated from various angles.

Challenge of climate change

Temperatures in the atmosphere and the ocean´s are rising steadily. The main culprit, since the beginning of industrialization, is mankind, in particular through greenhouse gas emissions.

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Digital transformation

The building sector is in the midst of a digital revolution. The shift away from analog ways of thinking and organizing towards a professional digital-based approach in decision-making and operations is producing a wide range of options.

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Homes of the future

Quality housing that is also affordable has long been a Utopia in big cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich. The future of housing elsewhere in Germany, however, is uncertain.

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Resources & recycling

Walls made of building rubble, insulation from old trouser material and screw connections instead of welded seams: things are happening on building sites as regards the “circular” or “closed-loop” economy.

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Modular building

Rents are rising, and at the same time living space is becoming increasingly scarce. But there is a promising approach to solving these challenges: serial and modular construction with industrially prefabricated components.

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