BAU, an absolute must for tradesmen

Good reasons for every tradesman to attend BAU

Any building tradesman who wants to succeed must be ready to face the latest challenges. BAU gives tradesmen the best overview of practical innovations. This is where global market leaders, proven SMEs and innovative newcomers present their latest products—often in hands-on demonstrations.

Products you can touch
Some products you just have to see and touch yourself. You can't make the right choice based on pictures and technical specifications. At BAU, you can see and even try out all products and materials yourself.

On familiar terms with the latest products and materials
When it comes to the latest products and techniques, rapid change places greater demands on building tradesman. In many cases, solutions that met the highest standards yesterday may not even be competitive tomorrow. BAU gives you a first-hand look at the latest materials and techniques. It helps you stay on the cutting edge so you can give your customers forward-looking advice.

Interdisciplinary information—Your competitive edge
The only way to get outstanding results in a construction project is if all trades work together hand in hand and support one another mutually. BAU is the perfect place to gather information about developments in specific trades that affect your work. You can only give your customers competent and professional advice with specialized knowledge that goes beyond your own area of expertise.

Direct comparison of nearly all market leaders
Almost all leading manufacturers, plenty of small and medium-sized enterprises as well as interesting newcomers are at BAU, which makes it the perfect place to directly compare their products. You are guaranteed to find the right solution for your project.

Tradesmen Meet: meet, inform, experience more
Tradesmen Meet and the Tradesmen Meet Forum in hall C6 has been established as an important hub for building tradesmen for quite some time. Experts use the forum to pass on valuable tips and assistance for everyday work situations: Whether it comes to social media, construction law or modern heating technology and building insulation—all relevant topics are covered. Other events at the trade-fair center such as the training camp of the German Building Professionals national team also bear the Tradesmen Meet name.

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