BAU, an absolute must for investors

Good reasons for investors and developers to attend BAU

BAU gives representatives of the real-estate and housing sector a look at where the building industry is headed and what opportunities there are when it comes to renovation and modernization in existing structures. The fair allows visitors to critically examine the latest methods and technologies.

To conserve energy, to reduce barriers, to make homes more comfortable or due to regulations from the authorities: There are plenty of reasons for investors and developers to attend BAU. Here are three of them:

Modernize on time to increase the utility of your building
From time to time, every building has to be modernized and brought up to date with contemporary equipment. It starts with locking systems and covers everything from fire prevention, security, building automation and heating. BAU has a large number of exhibitors for every aspect of modernization, all at a single location. It is the only way to make direct comparisons.

Renovations should be sustainable—financially and in terms of energy
Renovating is usually associated with a great deal of expense. That is why it should have the desired effects in terms of energy and, above all, be sustainable. Whether it comes to interior work, facades, ventilation or heating technology, BAU features solutions in all sectors at a single location. This is where the industry presents innovations that will make your building competitive for years to come.

The BAU forum program—Your know-how advantage
Existing structures are associated with their own challenges. The forums at BAU allow experts to report on the latest techniques, outstanding projects and their experiences in this area. Use BAU's unique opportunity for your know-how advantage.

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