BAU at a glance

The industry's leading manufacturers and innovative newcomers showcase their products and services for commercial and residential construction and interior work for both new-building and renovation and modernization. They present concrete future prospects and innovative solutions and provide inspiration for real career practice.

The future of building

BAU has proven itself as a future-oriented communication platform. It satisfies the best prerequisites for expanding one's innovative and technological expertise, which is now necessary to meet the global, ecological and economical challenges in the building industry.

Interdisciplinary exchange

BAU bundles know-how from all branches of industry and trades at a high international level. It promotes a concrete exchange of ideas and information, acts as an intermediary and releases synergies. BAU has always been the perfect place for investment decisions. It makes it possible for exhibitors to enter new, international markets and gives all visitors access to genuine, practice-oriented future prospects and lasting added value.

Direct transfer of know-how in practice

BAU's first-rate and pioneering program of supporting events round out the range of exhibits. Its forums, special shows and gatherings make the fair the most important information and inspiration platform for the entire industry.

These numbers document just how well BAU has proven itself in the construction industry as the World's Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems after all these years.

BAU's success is also the result of a concept and strategy that were developed over a period of several years.

BAU’s success concept

  • BAU is business oriented and interdisciplinary. It is the business, contact and information platform for everyone who is involved in planning, building and operating buildings.
  • BAU is practice oriented and innovative. It showcases the latest products and materials for commercial and residential construction and interior work for both new-build and renovation and modernization.
  • BAU is international: With about 190,000 visitors and 2,260 exhibitors from 49 countries, it is a leading trade fair within Europe that meets global standards. At the same time, BAU has also remained down to earth.
  • BAU is a source of inspiration for architects and engineers: 68,000 visitors from planning and architect offices around the world come to Munich to attend BAU time and again.
  • BAU is visionary and sustainable: It is where concrete solutions and future-oriented ideas for meeting global, ecological and social challenges are presented.

Outstanding ratings from exhibitors and visitors

Are we headed in the right direction with BAU's concept and services? We ask ourselves this question at end of each exhibition. Which is why we had the opinion research institute TNS Infratest conduct a survey of visitors and exhibitors on our behalf again at BAU 2023. The results are more than positive. Everyone—exhibitors and visitors alike—was thrilled. That makes us very happy—and we consider it a genuine obligation.

Exhibitor surveys

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Visitor survey

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Participant profile

BAU sets standards when it comes to both quality and quantity: More than 2,260 exhibitors from 49 countries and more than 190,000 trade visitors from all over the world ensured plenty of hustle and bustle in 19 exhibition halls.

BAU's exhibitors

The exhibitors are a very special attraction at BAU. More than one third of the more than 2,260 exhibitors were from abroad. Here is a look at how international BAU is:

Top 10 international exhibitors

Italy: 198 • Austria: 129 • Turkey: 108 • Poland: 81 • China: 70 • Belgium: 53 • Netherlands: 50 • Spain: 39 • Switzerland: 37 • Greece: 30

Source: Exhibitor database—Data-Warehouse
Detailed results of the exhibitor survey can be found in the BAU particpant survey.

Get to know more about the visitors at BAU 2023

More than a quarter of a million people attended BAU 2023 during the six days of the fair, nearly one-third of them were from abroad. That clearly demonstrates one thing: BAU is at home in Germany, a leading event in Europe, and the global standard.

Top 10 international visitor countries

Austria: 9.357 • Italy: 5.378 • Switzerland: 4.619 • Poland: 3.386 • Croatia: 2.465 • Turkey: 2.257 • Slovenia: 2.212 • Czech Republic: 2.165 • Hungary: 1.912 • China: 1.904 • Croatia: 2.096

Source: Visitor registration BAU 2023

Visitors from 5 continents

  • 160,444 from EU countries*
  • 8,005 from South, East and Central Asia
  • 3,133 from the Middle East
  • 1,550 from North America
  • 735 from Africa
  • 821 from South and Central America
  • 411 from Australia/Oceania

* thereof from Germany: 113,190, rest of Europe: 14,138
Source: Visitor registration BAU 2023

The development of international trade visitors since 2011

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Trade visitors according to branch of industry

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