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BAU presents architecture, materials and systems for commercial and residential construction and interior work for both new-build and renovation and modernization. It is unique the world over and brings the industry's market leaders together every two years. As the world's leading trade fair for this sector, it covers all the building trades. BAU's exhibits are broken down according to building materials, products and sectors.

To the exhibition sectors at BAU

We are providing a wealth of information and support on travel and accommodation.

Find here all information about getting to the fair as well as information about your accommodation.

Hier finden Sie die unterschiedlichen Öffnungszeiten, sowohl für die Besucher als auch für die Aussteller der BAU.

Click here for details of the different opening times for visitors and exhibitors at BAU.

In a directive transmitted per e-mail in July 2013, the German Foreign Office has informed the German Embassy and Consulate Visa Sections worldwide that in general, an official invitation letter from the trade fair organizer is no longer required.

When applying for your visa, simply refer to this information. In case the visa section responsible for issuing your visa should nonetheless request that an official invitation letter be presented, please send an e-mail to us at: visaservice@messe-muenchen.de

Additional information about visa procedures, requirements for the issue of visas, visa fees and application forms are available in different languages on the web page “Visa regulations" of the German Foreign Office, as well as the respective websites of the embassies and consulates.

To ensure you obtain your visa before the trade fair starts, we recommend that you submit your visa application in good time.

Applications can be made as early as three months before the time of entry.

No, it does not. You may not use your admission ticket to the fair to travel on public transportation in Munich.

Further information on local public transportation is available here.

From autumn 2020, exhibitors can apply for a public transportation ticket in the Exhibitor Shop covering their time at the fair.

BAU News is free of charge and is published on a regular basis. It features information about the latest topics and the latest developments at the fair.

Subscribe to the BAU news now!

If you wish to cancel your subscription to BAU News you can do so at any time. Just click on the unsubscribe link at the end of each issue of the newsletter.

BAU offers free wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi) at the trade-fair center. The bandwidth is up to 4 Mbit per second.

Wi-Fi is only available in the areas taken up by the trade fair, i.e. the halls, entrances and the Atrium. Download volumes are limited to 50MB per user per day.

For problem-free online access for business purposes at the booth, we recommend exhibitors order a LAN connection (fee applies) from the Exhibitor Shop (from autumn 2020).

You can check your coat or luggage in all entrances to the Messe München trade-fair center.

Photography at the trade-fair center is only permitted if authorized in advance by Messe München.

Messe München was designed and built to be barrier-free. Contact us by telephone or e-mail ahead of time to get information about special admission fees and parking alternatives because these can vary, depending on the event.

Dogs are not allowed at the trade-fair center because there is not enough outdoor space for walking dogs. Guide dogs for the blind and other assistance dogs are permitted.

Please feel free to contact a member of the BAU Team at any time. These are your contacts..

Questions about exhibiting

To participate in BAU as a main or co-exhibitor, you must be eligible to be admitted to one of the fair's exhibition sectors.

Overview of all exhibition sectors at BAU

Keep track of your budget: All the fees and charges are set out here in our participation fees.

To exhibit at BAU, you must complete the online applicationform. Based on the information that you provide on that form, we look to see if the portfolio of your company fits in with the product index of BAU.

There is no official application deadline.

Send us your online application by September 9, 2019 to ensure we can include your company in the first round of placement.

We start planning booth space on September 9, 2019. We plan to start sending out stand proposals at the end of February 2020.

Sending out a stand proposal for certain sections of certain halls may be delayed because of waiting lists. If we cannot accommodate you in the first round of placements for BAU 2021, we will send you an email from the end of February 2020 with information about the waiting list.

Until you confirm your stand proposal, your application for BAU is non-binding. In other words, you can cancel your application up until then without incurring any costs.

However, we need you to complete the online application in advance so that we can process your information and assign you booth space.

Main exhibitors can register co-exhibitors to exhibit at their booth as long as they are eligible to participate based on the product index. The online application for registering co-exhibitors must be completed by the main exhibitor.

The application for co-exhibitors is €850 per co-exhibitor. This includes the mandatory communication fee. This fee is billed to the main exhibitor.

The mandatory communication fee allows co-exhibitors to enjoy the same benefits as main exhibitors. In other words, they are listed as an independent company in all print and online media.

Apart from the mandatory communication fee, there are no other participation fees for co-exhibitors (see previous point).

If co-exhibitors book additional marketing services via the Exhibitor Shop, these charges will be billed in their final invoice.

For the duration of BAU, each exhibitor receives a certain number of free exhibitors passes for their booth.

  • Booth space 20 m² stand space: 3 exhibitor passes
  • Booth space 21 m² and over, 1 additional exhibitor pass for each additional 10 m² of space or portion thereof

Additional exhibitor passes may be ordered for a fee from the Exhibitor Shop from autumn 2020. Exhibitor passes are only intended for booth personnel and may not be handed over to third parties. We reserve the right to confiscate exhibitor passes if they are misused. By accepting co-exhibitors at your booth, you are not entitled to more exhibitor passes.

For set-up and dismantling you do not need an exhibitor pass or an entrance ticket.

Regulations for driving onto the exhibition site are set out in the Traffic Guide which will be available for download at a later point.

Co-exhibitors do not receive any free exhibitor passes. Exhibitor passes can be ordered online for a fee from the Exhibitor Shop as of June 2020.

Before you confirm your stand proposal, you can cancel your participation without charge.

Cancellation charges apply when you want to cancel your participation after you have confirmed your stand proposal. Requests to cancel must be submitted in writing.

If the booth space can be rented to another exhibitor, the cancellation charge is 25% of the participation price. We will of course try to rent the space to another exhibitor but will initially charge you 100% of the agreed participation price.

If the space can be rented to another exhibitor, you will then receive a credit voucher after the fair for 75% of the participation price you paid. If we are not able to rent the space to another exhibitor, then, in line with our General Terms of Participation (A5), we will retain 100% of the participation price.

Hier finden Sie alle dates and deadlines zur BAU 2021.

A mandatory communication fee of EUR 850 is charged for each exhibitor.

For a list of all the services contained in this fee please refer to the Special Terms of Participation (B), section B11 Media Services (catalog, internet, mobile).

Additional entries in available media may be ordered online from the Exhibitor Shop for an additional fee, starting in autumn 2020.

The Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA) charges all exhibitors a fee of EUR 0.60/m² of rented exhibition space. This fee is invoiced by MMG and passed on to AUMA directly.

During BAU, all exhibitors are charged a mandatory, fixed-rate waste-disposal fee to cover the cost of disposing of waste that accumulates at their booths during set-up and dismantling and during the fair itself.

The fixed-rate waste-disposal fee is EUR 7.50 per square meter.

Further information is contained in the Special Terms of Participation (B).

The advance payment for services covers all the exhibitor services for the fair that you can order online in the Exhibitor Shop. It includes, for example, electricity, water, vouchers for inviting customers and other booth-related services. The amount is charged per square meter in the admission invoice. The services actually ordered by you will be offset against the advance payment in the final invoice – if there is a shortfall you will be charged the difference, if there is a surplus, that sum will be credited to you.

The exact guidelines on booth design during BAU 2021 can be found in the Special Terms of Participation B under Section B7 “Booth construction, booth design and equipment”. In addition to the guidelines listed there, the provisions of the Technical Guidelines and the information in the various exhibitor leaflets are also applicable.

If you have difficulty understanding any of the guidelines, please feel free to contact the Technical Exhibitor Services Team by phone or in person at any time.

Contact information is available under “Advice & Contacts”.

If you want a package delivered to your booth, then please ensure it is addressed as follows:

BAU 2021
Company name
Contact person on site and mobile number
Hall / Booth
Messegelände – Willy-Brandt-Allee
81829 Munich

This address is valid for set-up and dismantling times and for during the running time of the fair itself. Please note that no letters can be sent to the exhibition halls. The only consignments that can be delivered to the halls are packages or registered post. It is your responsibility to ensure there are employees at your booth who can take delivery of the consignment. Employees of Messe München cannot take deliveries for exhibitors.

Please ensure delivery companies observe our Traffic Guide (available online from autumn 2020) when bringing deliveries during the fair.

For larger consignments ahead of the fair, please contact our service partners Schenker Deutschland or Kühne und Nagel.

You will receive your admission invoice at the earliest in June 2020. The payment deadline is autumn 2020.

The following services are included in your invoice:

  • Booth space, acc. to standard booked
  • Mandatory communication fee
  • AUMA fee
  • Fixed waste-disposal fee
  • Advance payment for services

We want you to make the very best of the potential offered by exhibiting at BAU. And so we are offering exhibitors the opportunity of taking part in a training initiative called Your key to trade fair success initiative.

Your key to trade fair success initiative provides both theoretical and practical support. It gives exhibitors very pragmatic support for the most important steps that are part of preparing for, participating in and following up on the fair. It can help you maximize your success at BAU.

In free exhibitor workshops exhibitors gather many tips and hints on how to ensure success through proper preparation, implementation and follow-up. Participants also benefit from intensive exchange of experience.

In the free, 30-minute and live moderated webinars you will receive compact trade fair know-how and helpful practical hints to relevant aspects of the entire trade fair planning.

All the information about Your key to trade fair success initiative is online available here.

Our Media Sales Department would be happy to advise you on options for advertising at the trade-fair center.

Contact us any time!
E-mail: mediasales.bau@messe-muenchen.de
Tel.: +49 89 949-20593

Online exhibitor directory

Please contact:
Neureuter Fair Media
E-mail: bau@neureuter.de
Tel.: +49 201 36547-410

Other online advertising

An (online) voucher for a 1-day ticket is a way of giving your customers free entry to the fair. These vouchers can be ordered online at the Exhibitor Shop from autumn 2020.

Vouchers can be used as part of your professional invitation and contact management. They are an effective incentive for your customers to visit your booth at the fair. How it works: You send your customer a personal voucher number by email or print the number in a letter sent by regular mail, or send your customer a print version of the voucher. In your final invoice, you will only be charged for vouchers that are actually used.

The following fair-related directories (printed, online, mobile) are available for BAU: printed exhibition catalog, online exhibitor directory, printed visitor flyers (Visitor Guide), onsite visit planner and the BAU app.

Exhibitors can use their access codes to sign in to the Exhibitor Shop from autumn 2020 and book their company entry for the official directories for BAU 2021.

For further questions, contact:
Neureuter Fair Media
E-mail: bau@neureuter.de
Tel.: +49 201 36547-410

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All key building trades and materials at a single location: The range of exhibits at BAU, broken down according to building materials, products and...

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Exhibitor brochure

Exhibitor brochure
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Exhibitor application for BAU 2021

All the information, documents and Terms of Participation that you need to apply for BAU is available here. Apply now online as an exhibitor!

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