BAU Insights for producers

Right from the start, BAU Insights offers you a variety of opportunities to present yourself as an exhibitor to the numerous visitors of BAU 2023 and to new interested users of the platform after BAU.

The roughly 250,000 expected users can plan and accompany their trade fair visit with BAU Insights.

BAU Insights adapts to the interests and needs of the user.

Through a personalized registration process, trade fair visitors will qualify before actually using the platform. They will, for example, see a post from you, your company website or information about a product presentation via their personal newsfeed.

As soon as the visitor registers for the first time, they are addressed according to their specific target group. Your exhibitor content is prioritized for users with specialist and personal interests. 365 days a year – loss-free. BAU Insights license valid through the end of 2023 – your content remains visible! More information on the license can be found here.

As an exhibitor, you can already book and enter your media services and entries for the new BAU Insights platform.


Your BAU Insights presence is just three steps away:

1. Enter your data in the BAU23 online ordering system

  • After completing your order, your trade fair content for BAU23 will automatically be transferred to the BAU Insights portal
  • Online entries can be adjusted at any time

2. Register on BAU Insights

  • Free registration
  • Call up your BAU Insights presence and validate your BAU23 content in the live environment

3. After BAU23 you will receive exclusive access to the BAU Insights self-service

  • Your trade fair content from BAU23 has already been transferred and is waiting for you
  • Add new content or make changes
  • You have access to your content at all times: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Changes are visible immediately.

Visit the BAU 2023 Exhibitor shop now and book Media Services.

All additional information for you to download:

BAU Insights - Information about the trade portalFAQs for the online ordering system