Resources & recycling in building

Walls made of building rubble, insulation from old trouser material and screw connections instead of welded seams: things are happening on building sites as regards the “circular” or “closed-loop” economy. Pilot projects and research initiatives are showing the diverse opportunities offered by recycling in building: façade material, windows, wall and floor coverings and cables—all of them can be fitted in such a way that they can subsequently be completely removed and made available for re-use or recycling. Recovered metals, concrete, bricks, plaster and even clay can now be made into new building materials. Recycling is playing an ever more important role.

Eco-friendly and resource-efficient

All of these are serious ideas, and the stark figures underline the need for them. Worldwide the building sector accounts for over half of the consumption of resources and generates over half the waste volumes. If we are to achieve the sustainability goals set by society, all areas of building—from demolition and renovation to new-build—must be re-examined. The one-way mentality needs to be replaced by a way of thinking that prioritizes recovery and re-use. This also applies to the avoidance of waste on the building site. Resource-efficient building is increasingly the answer when it comes to protecting the environment. This means recycling the raw materials that are used in building, and making them available for re-use.

Recycling and the closed loop—core elements in building

With regard to dwindling resources—for example, sand—and the limited capacities of landfills for building rubble, it is clear that closed-loop cycles in the building sector also bring economic benefits. In addition the recycling (ideally locally and regionally) of building materials can also play a large part in reducing the high energy consumption in extraction and manufacturing, and for transport to the building site.

You can look forward to many exhibitors and lectures on recycling in the building sector:

  • The modern closed-loop economy in the building sector
  • Recycling raw materials and new developments in building materials
  • Resource-efficient building as a key theme in the sector

Come and visit our exhibitors, and learn about all the latest developments in how closed cycles are being implemented in the building sector. Also at BAU you can benefit from many specialist lectures on the subject given by sector experts. Take a look at our special shows.

Recycling offers opportunities to the building sector

Manufacturers, architects and engineers, but also the building trades and building companies need a new way of thinking. New, resource-efficient solutions are required. This is not always easy, but initial recycling projects are showing that there are significant opportunities and competitive advantages in this approach, for all those involved in the building process. Discover now the future-oriented ideas on the theme of resources and recycling at BAU!

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