BAU, an absolute must for planners

BAU communicates the future of building. It lets planners experience the latest ideas, technologies and materials in actual practice. All of the industry's leading manufacturers are represented at BAU, so it is the perfect place to contact them directly. And the fair's first-rate supporting program features a wealth of new ideas.

Good reasons for planners and architects to attend BAU

There are plenty of good reasons why planners and architects should attend BAU. Here are the five most important:
  • Practice-oriented, innovative solutions for future-oriented architecture
    BAU lets architects and planners see the latest building materials and technologies, experience how they work, and find out how to put them to use in future projects. That includes new materials and material combinations with new properties as well as new technologies to meet a wide range of challenges.
  • Nearly all leading manufacturers and plenty of innovative newcomers
    BAU allows you to meet nearly all market leaders and plenty of small and medium-sized companies, so you can compare their products directly and find the right solution for your project. It is important to see and touch new products yourself. Photos and technical specifications are nothing compared to experiencing things live.
  • Products for applications in multiple trades
    When planning and during construction, various building trades must work together closely and coordinate with one another. BAU allows you to see all products for comprehensive planning that takes all building trades into account. The fair focuses on using products. From software support and the entire building process to materials for structural and finishing work and solutions for sustainable renovation.
  • First-rate supporting program with a focus on actual practice
    Planning and building is becoming increasingly complex and demanding. Globalization, digitalization, demographic change, urbanization, resource shortages, the energy transition, energy and resource efficiency—those are just some of the challenges facing the construction industry. So what does the future of building look like? How do architects and planners approach problems? What innovative products, systems and manufacturing techniques are available? Experts from around the world answer these questions at BAU. They report on their work and their projects and are available to answer questions from the audience.
  • Developing individual solutions directly with manufacturers
    Do you have a problem for which the market does not appear to have a solution? BAU gives you a chance to discuss problems with manufacturers directly. You wouldn't be the first to offer a BAU exhibitor an individual solution for realizing a project.

Trade visitor groups

  • Architects
  • Interior architects/designers
  • Engineers
  • Structural engineers
  • Local/National building authorities
  • Energy consultants

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