BAU vouchers: two options to retain and win customers

You would like to increase booth traffic? We offer you the highest standards of professionalism in managing invitations BAU 2023. The basis: two options to send BAU vouchers as customer retention and acquisition tool. Shipment via the ticket system, online or e-mail: simply choose the option that suits you and your clients best.

For an invitation management that is even more successful

When ordering online vouchers, you have the possibility to send these directly to your clients—without having to set up an own shipment campaign. This is the simplest, quickest and safest way for you to bind existing customers and attract new ones.

Our suggestion for sending vouchers efficiently

For organizational reasons, we do not recommend mixing the different options. Especially when applying both option 1 (sending online vouchers via the ticket system) and option 2 (sending online vouchers by e-mail), voucher numbers might be assigned multiple times. Hence, we recommend the exclusive use of option 1, which is the easiest, most efficient and safest way to send vouchers.

The two BAU voucher options

Sending online vouchers via the ticket system

Easy and efficient: sending online vouchers via the online campaign tool of the ticket system demands minimal effort but provides maximum benefits.

More on option 1

Sending online vouchers by e-mail

Professional invitation management with individual configuration options: see the advantages that the e-mail dispatch offers.

More on option 2

The benefits for you as exhibitor

  • The benefits for you as exhibitor
  • Automatic voucher dispatch with a click
  • Intelligent voucher management
  • No voucher numbers are assigned twice
  • Control of the status of redemption
  • Tracking of your clients’ fair access

The benefits for your customers

  • Free visit to BAU 2023
  • Direct forwarding from the voucher link to the online registration
  • Automatic e-mailing of the Mobile Ticket and the Print@home ticket
  • Immediate access to the event without waiting times thanks to prior registration