Special shows

The special shows focus on BAU's key themes, which reflect the latest developments in the industry.

In addition to the exhibitors' presentations, the key themes of BAU 2023 will be addressed and visualized in four special shows - from different angles and under different aspects. Benefit from the novelties of the special shows and take the opportunity for a personal exchange with the industry experts on site.

Building 2030—sustainable, climate positive and circular

The DGNB special exhibition shows how we need to build today so that it is still sustainable in 2030: away from lip service and towards real implementation. There is a comprehensive conference programme, knowledge and hands-on offers, free guided tours and space for exchange with pioneers of sustainable building.

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Lectures in German.

Stand C2.518

We realize the construction of the future—digital, sustainable, affordable!

In the four research areas »resources and recycling«, »energy and heat«, »the future of living and working« as well as »digitization«, the special show provides an insight into innovations, solutions and processes from the Fraunhofer world on the way to climate neutrality, the circular economy and higher productivity in the construction and real estate industry.

Lectures Fraunhofer Allianz Bau

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Lectures in German

Stand C2.528

Digital, Sustainable, Authentic—The DNA of Building

The new GGT-special exhibition at the BAU 2023 illuminates the DNA of future building and concentrates on the aspects digitisation, sustainability and authenticity. By showing these DNA-formative elements, the new GGT model property focuses on aspects of smart living as well as generation specific and energy efficient planning.
In this way “authentic” living environments will be designed that explicitly take into account the needs and desires of all users regardless of life phases or any circumstances.

In addition, guided tours are held daily by the GGT. For more information, visit the website.

Stand C2.101

Climate-safe construction with sustainable and climate-resilient products

Heat records, heavy rain, storms and droughts endanger people and buildings - climate change is here and affects us in Europe. The special show will present assessment criteria and functional building products, constructions and technologies to make buildings more sustainable and resilient against climate extremes.

Stand C4.502